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Instapak - Foam Packaging

Fast, Versatile and Cost-Effective Foam Packaging Solutions

Instapak - Foam Packaging
Instapak® Foam Packaging Saves You Money
One of the most economical packaging materials available, Instapak® foam can cut your material costs dramatically – without compromising product protection.
Space Savings
Because Instapak® foam expands up to 280 times its liquid volume, the equivalent of a trailer load of packaging material can be stored in two 55-gallon drums. Instapak® foam only expands when, where and as you need it.
With the Instapak® packaging process, you can economically and efficiently protect products of almost any size, shape and weight. For virtually everything you manufacture, protective foam cushions can be created on-demand and placed where needed for precision cushioning, high-speed void fill or heavy-duty blocking and bracing.
Engineered Protection

Instapak® high-performance packaging foam is designed to protect your products during shipping, warehousing and general handling. Its unique cushioning abilities allow you to package your product with a minimum amount of material.

With the Instapak® foam packaging process, your products are simultaneously boxed and protected. In fact, our foam-in-bag packaging equipment can produce up to 21 protective cushions per minute at the touch of a button.

Void Fill

Ideal for high-volume “pick and pack” operations and distribution centers, Instapak® systems deliver clean, fast, cost-effective alternatives to conventional void fill materials.

Blocking and Bracing

When packaging rugged products, Instapak® foam can be used to prevent movement within the carton.


For products that require engineered product protection or exact product positioning, the Instapak® process produces highly protective, custom-fit molded cushions.

Customer Satisfaction

With Instapak® foam packaging, your customer receives a damage-free product in a neat, professional package. The foam can then be reused as packaging, or returned to over 20 Instapak® foam-return locations worldwide.


Instapak® 900 Series Systems

Instapak 900 Series Systems

The Instapak® 900 series featuring the Instapak® 900 and 901 systems is our latest generation of proven all-electric, foam-in-place packaging systems, featuring electric metering pumps and self-diagnostic controls to guarantee top-quality Instapak® foam packaging.


Foam-in-Place: A simple cushioning or blocking-and-bracing process protects a variety of items of different shapes and sizes.

Instapak - Foam Packaging Foam Packaging
1. Instapak® foam is dispensed into a carton lined with high-strength Instamate® film. 2. The Instamate® film is folded over, and the product is placed on the rising foam.
Protective Packaging Foam Packaging Systems
3. A second sheet of Instamate® film is placed over the product, and more Instapak® foam is dispensed. 4. Your customer receives your product undamaged.